"Letters by J.D. Salinger"

The curtain comes up on the reclusive author's private life, detailed in a 40-plus-year correspondence with his friend Michael Mitchell. Read 11 letters he wrote at the Morgan Library & Museum, and draw your own conclusions.



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Letter seven

December 25, 1984
Another short note, written on the back of a Christmas card. Here, Salinger seems particularly depressed and detached, and hell-bent on hiding it. He writes of visiting London to see Peggy over the holiday, who, by some miscommunication, went to Boston. So Salinger decided to knock around the city alone. "I feel closed off from all general or personal conversation, these years, and consort with almost no one but one or two local drunks or distant madwomen." He'd rather not do anything unless it involves the writing he's working on. Salinger wishes Mitchell "intactness and sanity" for 1985.

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