Lloyd Koulen

Sixth Ave between 13th and 14th Sts

Lloyd Koulen
Lloyd Koulen

Photograph by Jay Muhlin

"I've always worn white gloves. It's to keep clean."

Let me guess. You like white? I've been wearing it since I was born. My parents dressed me that way.

I see. What's the appeal? White is all the colors reflected at once. Also, it symbolizes purity.

Speaking of, um, purity, those aren't swastikas on your tie and cuffs, are they? They are.

Really? Why?!? My ancestors were Nazis.

And you're cool with that? Yes. The Nazis were in search of innocence. Most people, when they hear the word Nazi, think of war, but what I take away from it is the future. White—all white—is the future.

Whoa. So you're a white supremacist, in more ways than one. Yes, exactly. It doesn't have to do with hate; whites are just superior.

So where does the color of your skin weigh in here? I'm Inuit—from the Arctic—and I was born with very light skin. I have a disorder, so some days it's lighter than other days.

Right. And were you born with those white eyelashes, too? No, that's mascara.

So, wait...Don't people pick fights with you when they see your swastikas? Not really. People who are against it are inferior and afraid to fight. Otherwise they wouldn't be against it.

I am bowled over by your candor. How old are you? 26.

No, for real. I don't know. I stopped counting after the age of 20.

What do you do? I do a lot of acting in amateur plays and movies. I'm very into science fiction.

That accounts for some of the surreality of this conversation. On a lighter note, you must own stock in bleach. [Laughs] I do a lot of laundry.--Kate Lowenstein