Maria Pucci, 31

W 22nd St between Sixth and Seventh Aves.

Photograph: Allison Michael Orenstein

What do you do? I make clothes for high-end, very conservative ladies. Custom clothes out of upholstery fabrics.

For old ladies who want to match their curtains? [Laughs] You could say it like that, but if you actually see the items, they look fabulous. Because these women are older, they can't really wear gowns to a black-tie event. So they wear these jackets as a substitute.

I see. And who's your friend? This is Athos. He's two.

Athos, as in The Three Musketeers? Yes, exactly.

Are there two others somewhere? No, there aren't. Maybe there will be more in the future, if I have a house.

Is the plan to hit the suburbs? More like the Hamptons.

Three dogs and a summer home. Yes, but maybe first I'd have a baby. I'm 31, so I'm thinking about it. If you put this in print, my mother-in-law and my mother will start calling me every five minutes.

Are they putting on the pressure? Oh, no. They would love to have a grandchild, but it's New York. It's not like I'm in a small town where everyone is waiting for you to have kids. Our grandchild in our family is Athos, anyway. He is the perfect grandchild. He doesn't talk!

Who needs a baby? Athos makes the perfect accessory. [Laughs] Yeah, especially if we're in matching colors. Sometimes I'll dress in gray, and my husband will too.... If I were creating my avatar, it would be Athos.

Is he better looking than your husband? No.

You had to say that. Really! I'll show you pictures!

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"Athos's grandfather was Best in Breed in the Westminster dog show a few years ago."

"I have, like, a retro look about me, like someone from another era. I get that a lot. I think it helps me with the clothes—when I talk to people, they relate to me because I look more like them."

"On the side, I have a company called Crystal Nation. It's Swarovski embellishments on clothes. My brother started the company in Miami. A few years ago, he did a T-shirt for Madonna. That's how we decided to get serious and move to New York and make it a real company. A Gossip Girl has one too: Taylor Momsen. Our designs are not tacky at all. It's all handmade; it's not one of those styles off the street that says NEW YORK. Some designs have 1,600 crystals."