Melanie Gomez, 32

W 34th St at Eighth Ave.

Photograph: Allison Michael Orenstein

Where are you going? To a class. It's called "Beading, Embroidery and Appliqu."

You sound French. Yes, from Paris. So are you a designer? No, the class, it's part of my certificate in fashion design. I also have an eight-month-old baby.

You're so put-together for a new mom. As a student of fashion design...I make it work. These boots I bought in Vail, Colorado, my first time skiing. I think they're made of—

Muppet? [Laughs] I don't know what they are made of, actually. I don't think they kill the animal, I think they shave it.

That would be good. Yeah, that would be great! I don't want to find out. [Laughs]

Is being a mother what you expected? No. It's the end of can I say it?

Freedom? No, well, no. The peace in your mind. Like, youare always a little bit worried. And that is forever.

Scary. Yes. And what is overwhelming is the love that you can feel for somebody. It's in your blood. It's a strange thing. She is sooo cute.

You say that as though you can't believe it. [Laughs] Well, yes, because I'm not like, hypercute, and my husband is not super, super cute, but she has blue eyes and blondish hair. She is so different from us.

In America they blame the milkman for that. Oh yes, yes, yes, there is a lot of comment going on. [Laughs] But she is from my husband, I am sure of it.

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"It's true that Paris can really take your breath out, but New York has this strange thing. I don't know what it is, but I love to be in New York. I feel comfortable here."

"My mom and my dad are from Argentina. So I speak Spanish and French. They raised me in France, and when I was 16, I moved to Argentina. I love having a French accent. It's part of my identity."

"How do I relax? Wow. Well, it has been eight months that I can't relax, because I have a baby. [Laughs] Before Chloe, with my husband, we loved to walk—in the East Village, in the Lower East Side, Greenwich Village. New York is a city to be walked. And after that, a nice restaurant, a glass of red wine...and that's relaxation."