Michael J. Reavis, 20

Steinway St between Broadway and 31st Ave, Astoria, Queens

"My hat's not inside out—it came like that. I think the Yankees should buy A-Rod back. Though he's not worth half the money they pay him."

What are you up to? Not much. I just got off of the night shift, so I'm tired. [Dribbles the ball between his legs]

You don't look tired. Well, I just had a Venti thingamabob from Starbucks. And I just bought this basketball, so I'm gonna play with it for a while before I go to bed. My pop whupped my ass at handball last week, and he's 49. So I figure I need to brush up.

Where do you work? I work at [Name of fast-food restaurant removed to protect the loose-lipped].

Oh, boy. Dare I ask what it's like behind the scenes? Stressful, actually.The inspectors are coming, so they want us to clean the most ridiculous things. Like, you know the rubber seal on the refrigerator door? They want us to clean that!

Well, I'm glad to know it's clean...when the inspector is coming. They have a really bad roach problem.

Ew, God! Quick, change the subject. I have a daughter now. She just turned ten months.

What's it like having offspring? It's fun! It's worrisome, too—she's so small.... They get scratches, they fall. I worry about her a lot.

Do you have big dreams for her? Yeah. I want her to get a basketball scholarship and play for the WNBA.

No pressure or anything! [Laughs] Yeah. We're working on walking first.

What's her first word gonna be? Her first word was dada.

Show-off. What did you do to deserve that? I played with her a lot. And I whispered dada in her ear all the time. Repetition was key.

Do you read to her? A little bit. Curious George, Tar Beach...

And The WNBA for Dummies?[Laughs] Not yet, but soon.