Mood-boosting workouts

You'll release endorphins you never even knew you had at these nine classes.



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  • Boing with Kangoo at Crunch

  • Dance Dance Party Party

  • Dance Dance Party Party

  • Punk Rope

  • DL Fit Pilates

  • SoulCycle

Boing with Kangoo at Crunch

Boing with Kangoo at Crunch
The only thing cooler than those Heelys roller sneakers are Kangoo Jumps, futuristic-looking exercise boots outfitted with coils on the soles. Put some spring in your step during this hour-long cardio workout by strapping on a pair; then hop, skip and jump to engage your core and tone your lower body. The shock-absorbing shoes don’t just make you look like an alien jock—they also protect your knees and other joints. 144 W 38th St between Broadway and Sixth Ave (212-869-7788,; Tue 5:15pm * 113 Fourth Ave at E 12th St (212-533-0001). Thu 8:15pm; Sat 3pm. Membership prices vary, day pass $35. Text TONY to 24474 for a free one-week guest pass through May 31.

Cardiolates at Pilates on Fifth
Cardiolates is a Pilates-infused workout that happens mostly on your own rebounder mini-trampoline. The idea here is that you can get your fat-burning-cardio fix in addition to the conditioning and alignment benefits that Pilates offers. You’ll also get a good dose of the giggles: How can you not when you’re doing something akin to jumping on the bed? 501 Fifth Ave between 41st and 42nd Sts (212-687-8885, Single class $24; intro deal: five classes for $110. Mention TONY and get 20% off through May 20.

Dance Dance Party Party
This all-female, choreography-free class (you can literally move however you want) is cheap ($8). There’s also a good chance you’ll work out to songs like Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” 440 Studios, 440 Lafayette St at Astor Pl ( Sun 2pm.

In addition to covering all the typical activities of a mood-boosting cardio workout—including aerobics, martial arts, dance, yoga and strength conditioning—IntenSati offers one bonus that most group classes don’t: affirmations, shouted in unison. You have the power. You will succeed. And by chanting these things repeatedly while you punch, bop and squat, you might just believe it. IntenSati is taught at Equinox ( and other gyms, some of which do not require membership; visit for info.

MELT at the JCC
This slow-paced, nonstrenuous workout uses specialized rollers and balls to rehydrate connective tissue and gently stretch almost every muscle in your body, from the balls of your feet to the top of your spine. MELT stands for Myofascial Energetic Length Technique, and it’s said to heal injuries (and prevent future ones). It’ll also leave you feeling as loose-limbed, chilled out, and as pliable as a lump of Silly Putty. 334 Amsterdam Ave between 75th and 76th Sts (646-505-5708, Mon 8:15am; Wed 8:15am, 7:30pm. Single class $25, members $18. Mention TONY to get the member rate for the aforementioned MELT classes through Apr 30.

Punk Rope
Relay races, playful drills, fitness games and jump rope will remind you of recess—and who doesn’t like recess? The hour-long class improves aerobic capacity, body composition and bone density. If all that doesn’t please you, the weekly theme (like Mardi Gras or the 1980s) will. Various locations; 646-654-0668, Visit website for schedule and prices.

Restore, Renew and Rebuild at DL Fit Pilates
This semiprivate class creates a relaxed setting for a stress-relieving and core-building workout. You’ll start with up to 15 minutes of stretches designed to release tension in the neck and back muscles, allowing the body to produce more serotonin, that good old well-being hormone. 580 Broadway between Houston and Prince Sts, suite 500 (212-941-1922, Thu 6pm. Single class $40, ten classes $350.

The playlist for this thumping indoor cycling class ranges from Prince to Kings of Leon, and it’s specifically designed to elevate your mood during the fat-burning, muscle-toning workout. Instructors encourage peddlers to holler and build collective energy while they sweat. Various locations, Single class $32, ten classes $310.

Zumba at Ludlow Fitness
You’ll feel like you’re out dancing at a club rather than sweating in a cardio class as you boogie to Latin, reggae and Bollywood beats. The partylike atmosphere at this class actually conceals thigh-toning lunges and squats that masquerade as dance steps. 100 Delancey St between Essex and Ludlow Sts (212-260-9222, Mon 8:15pm, Thu 7pm. Single class: $15. Mention TONY and get unlimited classes in May for $40 (normally $70).

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