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Presents to please die-hard music junkies.

  • Weezer Snuggie

  • Taylor Swift doll

  • Lady Gaga gift bundles

  • Gogol Bordello debauchery kit

Weezer Snuggie


Weezer Snuggie
Nerdy rockers Weezer and the makers of the Snuggie have teamed up to create this hilariously useless gift. Well, maybe not so useless: The band claims the logo-emblazoned Snuggie will “allow fans of the band to stay warm while keeping their hands free to rock.”, $30

Swift doll

Taylor Swift doll
The country-pop star has a pretty good idea of her fan base: Treat the tween in your life to this singing pint-size model. And why not wear a pair of Kanye West “Stronger” shades while you’re giving the gift? (“Ima let you play with this Taylor Swift doll, but first...”) Doll:, $20; shades:, $10.
EXPERIENCE IT! Swift, fresh off hosting SNL, plays a Kanye-free performance at Madison Square Garden Dec 11—two days before she turns 20. 4 Penn Plaza, Seventh Ave at 32nd St (, 7:30pm, $51--$351.

Lady Gaga gift bundle

Lady Gaga gift bundles
The Super Deluxe Fame Monster Bundle features Gaga’s album, The Fame, with a clutch of new songs, plus The Book of Gaga, including posters, fanzines and a lock of the Lady’s own hair. Also find stocking fillers, such as bracelets and earphones ($5--$100). Bundle: $115; stocking fillers: $5--$100.
EXPERIENCE IT! Gaga brings her Monster Ball tour to Radio City Music Hall Jan 20 and 21. It’s billed as the “first ever pop electro opera,” and Gaga recommends fans “dress accordingly.” Radio City Music Hall, 1260 Sixth Ave at 50th St ( 7:30pm, $TBD.


Gogol Bordello debauchery kit
Wrap up a Gogol Bordello hip flask (engraved with DRINK LOCALLY, FUCK GLOBALLY, GOGOL BORDELLO) with a pair of neon leggings and a miniature accordion. Flask:, $16; leggings:, $40; accordion:, $7.
EXPERIENCE IT! Now you’re ready to see mustachioed rabble-rouser Eugene Htz and his crew in action; nab tickets to their concerts Dec 27--29. Webster Hall, 125 E 11th St between Third and Fourth Aves ( 7pm, $33--$35.

Beatles Apple USB stick
The perfect—and we mean the perfect—dad gift. The entire Beatles back catalog, squished and compressed into a tiny USB stick, in the shape of an apple, along with documentaries, rare photos and album art. Let us repeat: on one USB stick. In the shape of an apple., $279.99
EXPERIENCE IT! Watching your dad open the gift! Duh!


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