New data: Where single men and women live in NYC

Real-estate search website Trulia surveyed major cities to compare the number of men and women living alone. Here's how it all breaks down in NYC.



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A map of where men and women live alone in NYC

A map of where men and women live alone in NYC Courtesy of Trulia

As if we weren't already sweating the New York dating scene (thank you, Valentine's Day), real-estate website Trulia just released the results of a survey comparing the number of men and women living alone in major metropolitan areas.

It turns out the NYC ratio isn't as off-kilter as you might think; there are 1.07 solo ladies to every one solo dude. In fact, three other cities beat Gotham for the highest discrepancy: Bethesa-Rockville-Frederick, Maryland (at a whopping 1.20 women per man) Washington, D.C. (1.12), and Boston (1.09).

What's perhaps more interesting is the neighborhoods in which those singletons are living. Across the boroughs, Long Island City clocks in with the highest ratio of men to women, while the Upper East Side boasts the most women to men.

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What do you all think? Is this an accurate reflection of your experiences?

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