Nicole Pecoraro, 29

Wall St between Hanover and Pearl Sts



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Photograph: Jay Muhlin

What do you do?
I'm in finance at a third-party marketer for asset managers.

My eyes are already glazing over.
I know! [Laughs] I'm like Chandler from Friends. I'm like, "Oh, I'm just in finance. Don't even bother asking more." I'm a transponder.

Is it as boring as it sounds?
No. It's very exciting. I'm in the trenches daily.

Are you worried about keeping your job?
Not at all. Our company is doing really well and we're actually bringing security to our current clients.

They pay you to say that, don't they?
No! They don't! I mean, things are so crazy right now. I thank God at night that my husband and I still have jobs.

You know, you're part of an underrepresented minority in the pages of Public Eye—the mainstream, normal type. Verging on boring?
[Laughs] Interesting. I'm gonna try to change your mind. Let me think about how I'm not mainstream.

Great! Okay. So do you own pearls?
Yes but they were given to me as a gift. I wear an Italian horn from my uncle instead.

M-kay. Were you in a sorority?
Oh, here we go. I was. But...wait...I also was a goalie in field hockey.

Uh-huh. Do you go to bars called McFadden's and Blarney Somethingorother?
[Laughs] I've been to McFadden's but I currently go to the Carnegie Club on Saturdays instead. See? I'm sorry, you just can't box me in.

More from Nicole:

"I've never been to the opera. That's one thing I really want to do. I'd love to see The Marriage of Figaro. I don't think it's playing at the Met this season."

"Whether it's hipsters or fashionistas, you're always surrounded by people who are trying to outperform in Manhattan. That's what makes all of us a little bit better."

"For a while I gave up getting my nails done for a trainer. I'd rather be fit than have a manicure. It was the best thing ever. If I'm eating whatever, I have the type of body where you'll see it immediately. I'm Italian—I've got a butt and boobs—so sue me! The women in Manhattan are a little size-four-ish. Good for them, I just could never get there."

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