Night bites

We dropped in to late-night hot-dog hot spot Crif Dogs on Friday at 1:15am to find Michael Doew, 20, a musician from New Jersey, and Shelby Welinder, 18, a model from London, satisfying their after-midnight munchies.

What were you doing before you got here?
Michael Doew: We’re staying in a hotel uptown, and this is where I go out when I go out.

What do you think of the neighborhood?
Shelby Welinder: I like it—he’s taken me here during the day. He just played a show, so we just got here. It’s got a great vibe.

How is it different at night?
Welinder: It’s very edgy—the people are really interesting!

What kind of dog did you get?
Doew: This is a breakfast-sandwich kinda hot dog—a Good Morning Hot Dog, with eggs wrapped in bacon and cheese.Welinder: I just got the basic—the chili dog. I didn’t go too crazy.

So what do you think your moms would think if they knew you were eating hot dogs after 1am in the East Village?
Welinder: My mom would think it’s great. She’d think it’s sick! I couldn’t be bothered to go out for a fancy meal tonight. I’m tired from traveling, and I thought I could really use a hot dog!Doew: My mom would be okay with it. She really loves food like this.—Jackie Bischof