Nina Willbach, 18

Union Square

Nina Willbach

Nina Willbach Photograph by Jay Muhlin

"I don't think clothes are the most important thing, but I definitely have fun picking out what I'm going to wear. I've had these sneakers since seventh grade. They were originally black. I guess my feet haven't grown since then."

What do you do? I'm a freshman at Bard College.

What brings you to New York? I'm here visiting family. Right now I'm going to meet some college friends.

So what kind of kooky college antics do you Bard kids get into? Hmm...well, we're into themed parties. We just had a lumberjack rave. And there was a Barbie-magic party a while back, too.

Sounds like harmless fun. Is that the extent of the action? There was a fire in my dorm recently. That was pretty dramatic. Somebody was making sweet-potato fries, and the kitchen basically burst into flames.

Yikes. Sweet potato fries... Was that 'cause the dining hall isn't up to snuff? [Laughs] Maybe. We end up making tuna-fish sandwiches a lot; the food's not great.

Good thing it wasn't that Frank Gehry building of yours burning down. Yeah, that's a crazy-looking building. It's our performing arts center. When it rains, the water coming off the roof is supposed to look like curtains on a stage.

Fancy! What other cool fun facts can you tell me about life at Bard? My roommate and I just got a new pet for our room: It's a Japanese fighting fish named Drizzle. It has to be alone in the tank, otherwise it would eat the other fish.

Where's the name from? We got it from the guy who came to campus to sell the fish. He told this terrible joke about how if Snoop Dogg remade "Purple Rain" he'd call it "Purple Drizzle." And we thought we should remember that.—Kate Lowenstein