One thing to do Tuesday: Giggle over terrible jokes at Punderdome 3000

Think you can make dumb puns with the best of 'em? Sign up for this jokey competition in Brooklyn.



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Punderdome 3000

Punderdome 3000

The pun, that most democratic of jokes: At its best, it’s sublimely satisfying to the reptilian part of our brains that loves easy comedy. At its worst, it produces a groan so gut-deep, it’s almost as good as a belly laugh. The form is mined for all it’s worth at Punderdome 3000: The first 18 word-slingers (individuals or duos) to register at the door from 7:30pm get a chance to face off, crafting puns on the fly in categories such as “the MTA” or “child stars.” A Human Clap-o-Meter measures audience response, and the funniest punsmith wins…a random kitchen appliance. Curious? Want to compete? Get tips from five-time Punderdome champ Tim Donnelly, who shared his secrets to punning glory with us this week.

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