One thing to do Wednesday: Binge on sausage and beer

Nosh on links at Daniel Boulud's DBGB, washed down with bottomless pints from the Bronx Brewery.



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The Bronx Brewery joins forces with Daniel Boulud's team for this family-style links-and-hops extravaganza. Tuck into a spring salad with sweet-garlic-and-potato-soup, before DBGB piles the table with a heap of house-made sausage platters: beaujolais-infused pork belly with bacon, pearl onions and red wine reduction over stewed lentils, and a Thai pork link seasoned with lemongrass, kafir lime and red curry over basil fried rice. Double down with limitless pours from the Bronx Brewery, including a sweet, floral Pale Ale and one all-new quaff. After polishing off the last sausage and beer, indulge in pastry chef Mymi Eberhardt’s sugary rhubarb tart with homemade ricotta ice cream.

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