Or Szyflingier, 16

Second Ave between 42nd and 43rd Sts.

Photograph: Jay Muhlin

Where are you from? Tel Aviv. I moved here two years ago.

Did you think much about the conflict when you lived there? So much, no. Like, when you go to the mall, there is a security guard, and they check your bag. It makes you feel very safe. And when you go to Tel Aviv, you're only thinking about parties, beaches and...I dunno, great vacation. Seriously.

Did you ever go into the occupied territories? Never. There, I'm scared. But here, I know a lot of people from Egypt and Iran and all that. They are my friends. It's not political here.

So far so good in New York? Wow, yes! I like here. First of all, the language. It's beautiful.

What's so beautiful about English? The sounds. It's pretty cool. And you know, there is a lot of words. Like, one word in Hebrew, it's, like, seven words in English: Like, crib, house, home, apartment, building—all of those words are just one word in Hebrew.

I've noticed you use like just like an American teenager. [Laughs] I use it a lot. I learned from my friends—like, like, like.

What school do you go to? Forest Hills High School.

I think Spider-Man went there. Oh! I heard about that! There is a church next to it, and I heard that they made the movie there.

Are there cliques there? There is always the nerds and the cool [kids]—in Tel Aviv more than here, even.

I bet you're a cool kid. Yeah. I'm the coolest. [Laughs]

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"My name means light in Hebrew. When I got here, I changed it to Orie because my teachers were confused."

"I was a model when I was young. My parents took me out when I was in second grade because they didn't want it to interrupt my education. Now I want to go back."

"I love to snowboard. I go to Hunter Mountain, Killington, Mountain Creek, Camelback.... I started, like, two months ago. But I already do the black diamond. I have good teachers! One of them, I met him when I fell on him. It was funny: I couldn't stop, and he just caught me, you know? I was like, 'Hi, how you doing?' [Laughs] He was like, 'Oh, I'm gonna teach you.' I'm still going—there's a little bit of snow left in Killington."