Paige Martin, 33

Greene St between Broome and Spring Sts

Paige Martin, 33, Greene St between Broome and Spring Sts

Paige Martin, 33, Greene St between Broome and Spring Sts Photograph: Jay Muhlin

Photograph: Jay Muhlin

Where are you headed? Work. You know, I was in TONY once—for a dance thing at the Kitchen.

Oh yeah? Are you famous? [Laughs] No.

Good. You seem so cheerful. Are you always? [Laughs] It's probably because I just came from acupuncture.

Ever get skeeved out by all those needles? Nah. The deep sensation of chi moving way overrides the initial prick of the needle. You feel yourself on a totally different level.

You sound like a pro. I practice Zero Balancing. It organizes your body's structure with your energy, all through touching the bones.

How does one feel energy? You learn to. It's a matter of feeling different qualities in the bone. Then you start to correlate that tactile experience with a certain type of deficiency or excess.

Fancy. So you're a dancer too? Yeah, modern dance.

What do you say to people who don't get it? How 'bout this: Sex is a bunch of moving around and a ton of improvisation, right? And then there's all this emotional stuff going on, and an underlying theme that holds the meaning for both people. And a structure—it's not like all of a sudden someone is going to start doing something random, because you've got a structure you're working within. Modern dance is a lot like that.

And where does orgasm come in? Ha. I don't think there's an equivalent. Shit.

—Kate Lowenstein

More thoughts from Paige

"I'm performing my friend Juliette's dance piece at Danspace Projects starting February 21. It's called Anna, Ikea and I. There's no Ikea furniture involved in this one, though in her last piece there was."

"I make these wood rings by hand. My company is called Paige Martin: Code Name Klumpa. I worked with driftwood once and that's what started it. The design is ancient and superclassical."

Photograph: Jay Muhlin

In Paige's plastic bag: "I was at my friends Margaret and Nat's place and Nat made me an incredible Manhattan. I had to leave for a dance performance and I hadn't finished the drink, so he put it in a cup and I got to walk to the Bedford L stop with my drink. It had a cherry and everything."