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The cast members of the MTV reality show The Real World: Brooklyn chat about the truuuuuue story behind their four months in Red Hook, and their plans for New Year's Eve.



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The Real World: Brooklyn

Damn, nice digs. Do you have any idea how the rest of us live in this city?
When you come to the Real World, you expect a sick-lookin’ house. And we got it. Looks like Ikea threw up all over the place, but we got it. The living situation is the fakest thing about the show.

What’s the realest?
Our interactions. Because there’s so much drama, people think it’s scripted. But what they don’t realize is that you’re filmed 24/7 for four and a half months. These people have over 3,000 hours of footage to cram into 13 one-hour episodes.

What’s it like being the show’s first trans person?
It’s a huge responsibility. I figured if I could destigmatize the word transgender, if I could normalize it, that’s my goal. It’s an education opportunity. I look at a lot of my housemates as representatives of a demographic. I use that as an opportunity to educate demographics I’d otherwise never be able to reach.

Are you surprised that the media hasn’t been that kind to you and the roommates?
You have to be on your guard; everything is on the record. Some of the people that wrote the meanest, most derogatory things were the people who were like, “Ohhh, this is so great.” And even came back for a party last night to honor everyone who helped put the show together, and they had just written and posted this blog about us that was so demeaning, and then they came here! Do we have stupid stamped on our foreheads?

Did you do anything on the show that will piss off your boyfriend?
Not at all. If you really love someone, you can keep it in your pants for three months. We already had a long-distance relationship. We talked every day. I think there were two days we didn’t talk. What are you up to for New Year’s? I think we’re planning a trip to Vegas. You know, a quiet one.

The term douche bags gets used every time people write about this cast. What’s up with that?
Well, there’s always going to be someone with something negative to say, and that’s what comes with this. And that’s okay. They obviously haven’t seen the season yet.

Why did Red Hook bar owners ban you guys?
They knew that we were coming and didn’t like the idea of it. It’s understandable. When you go to a small place, it’s really intrusive to have a huge camera crew come in.

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The Real World: Brooklyn

Are you going to be here for New Year’s?
New Year’s? Yeah. I’m only a couple hours’ train ride away, and most of the roommates are actually going to be staying in New York. Three of them are rooming together and another is going to be staying with his brother in Manhattan. So I thought, Hey, let’s all get together. We want to do the whole Times Square experience. I know it’s going to be crazy. I’ve heard horror stories. But I’m looking forward to doing it.

Favorite things about New York during the holidays?
Oh shit, I don’t know. The Christmas lights are obviously very important. What’s that show, where the girls are doing the kick-ups?

The Rockettes?
They’re very limber. Very limber. And that’s very important to me. The day I have sex I’m hoping it’s with a girl who has a little maneuverability.

So you’re the Mormon. Are you at all worried what the people back home are going to think?
Well, I think everybody has worries, and I don’t think it’s necessarily because I’m a Mormon. I think everybody, if they analyze their own lives, everybody is at fault. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Did they like your I LOVE BOOBIES wristband?="small">
[Laughs] This thing is for breast cancer. One of my buddies’ mom just got sick with it. But yeah, you’d get into a little trouble if you went into a more Christian environment [wearing it]. They’re like, “You’re a Mormon, and I LOVE BOOBIES?!?” And I’m like, “Yeah, well, I actually do love boobies, even though this is for breast cancer.” Can’t lie about liking boobs.="small">

Are you sad it’s all over?
Mmmm, not really. I train whales and dolphins back home. I miss my animals, I miss the beach.

These animals weren’t enough for you?
[Laughs] Um, I tried to train ’em. It wasn’t very successful. I grew up in a dysfunctional family, so I came here for the family I’ve never had. I got it.

Aw. What’s up with you and Anderson Cooper? Rumor has it you had a thing going.
There’s nothing going on. When you work at SeaWorld you meet a lot of celebrities. I stay in touch with them.

You didn’t sleep together?

I’m sorry to hear it.
I’m not sorry. Trust me, I was more livid than anyone else. Being an animal trainer, I’m a public figure, just like he is.

Did New Yorkers get to see lots of your abs in the past four months?
Yeah. We’d be out somewhere and Chet would always be like, “Hey, have you seen Scott’s abs?!?” I don’t usually show them. I’m not here to show off.

But you’re a model—of course you are!
Well, I kind of grew out of it. I wear long-sleeve shirts, no more muscle shirts. I don’t want that attention when I’m at a club meeting people. But in front of the camera? Fine. That’s what it’s there for.

What’s cool about New York and the holidays?
I’ve always wanted to see what Central Park is like with snow all over it. Also, I want to make sure to be here to see the ball drop. Everyone needs that experience: being in the street, freezing, watching...

The people who are actually from here don’t ever do that.
Really? Well. It’s your city, you totally should.

The Real World: Brooklyn premieres January 7.

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