Patrick Kattner, 23

Bedford Ave at North 11th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Photograph: Jay Muhlin

What are you up to? I'm looking for jobs. I just graduated from Tulane with an architecture degree, but I'm not looking for architecture jobs—more for design stuff. I'm looking in New Orleans as well.

Polar opposite cities. They are. I fell in love with New York before I even arrived. And New Orleans has a way of getting under your skin.

Not just the humidity? [Laughs] I don't think I'll ever get back all the sweat I poured out living there. But there's something about that city. When I talk about it, it sounds like this mythical place. Like, there are no last calls, and they have drive-through daiquiri shots. And we have no open-container laws.

So you mean it's the promised land for lushes. [Laughs] It's totally the land of vice. And there are tons of problems. But you kind of forget all of that.

You forget as long as you stay out of the Ninth Ward, at least. The Ninth Ward's not so bad—there's a lot of good going on there.

Like Brad Pitt kinda good? Yeah, there's this whole village of houses he's commissioned. They're really modern and risky.

So how are the job interviews going? Uh, not well. I've come to realize that, in this economy, there is always going to be someone who is more qualified than you are.

Well, you sound pretty relaxed about it. I mean, being stressed isn't going to help anything.

That must be the New Orleans in you talking. [Laughs] It is the New Orleans in me talking.

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"It's almost impossible to apply for jobs and look for housing without already being here in New York. There's a good possibility that I'm just gonna say, 'Fuck it,' and move here. We'll see."

"I was in my second year of college when Katrina hit. It was kind of annoying because school had just started, and the best kind of 'hurrication' is when school has been going on for a while and you need a break."

"These are spy glasses. The ones I usually wear are those giant, granny BluBlockers—the kind you wear after you have cataract surgery. I lost my granny glasses at a party in May and stole these spy glasses there. They have a rearview mirror in them, and I'm getting confused about what's in front of me and what's behind me. [Laughs]"

—Kate Lowenstein