Peter Mundwiler, 26

Broadway between 13th and 14th Sts

Peter Mundwiler
Peter Mundwiler

What do you do? I'm an art handler. And I make art, too.

Like...? I did a lot of work revolving around remaking things, like reenactment videos of footage from public spaces.

The word reenactment reminds me of Unsolved Mysteries and those horrible clips set to scary music. I love that stuff! Mine doesn't have the crazy lighting or anything like that. It's mundane, like people tying their shoes or falling off a bicycle.

You strike me as an L rider. [Laughs] Hey!

Where do you live? In Bushwick.

Aha! And something tells me your facial hair is ironic. Oh, it's definitely not. I used to have this giant curly mustache with wax and everything.But I've certainly seen a lot of mustaches since moving here. I figured mine had run its course when I started seeing them on American Apparel ads.

Peter, you steal my thunder. My next snide question was going to be whether you'd consider modeling for them. [Laughs] I guess there are certain touchstones of the L rider: tattooed, ironic facial hair... modeling? I'll do whatever pays.

So what other kinds of art do you make? Well, I'm starting a band with my girlfriend: the Medieval Whale Song Band. We're doing covers of medieval songs using whale song.

Can you sing a few bars? I can't, because I'm not a whale.

You must be the only such band in the world. Oh, probably not. I mean, I'm sure there are other people who have, like, Renaissance whale song bands, Baroque whale song bands...and I'm sure they all ride the L train too.

--Kate Lowenstein