Photo of the day: Curling in Central Park at the turn of the century

It's gross outside (again), so here's a photo to take your mind off of it: At one point, curling in Central Park was a thing people did



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Photograph: Byron, courtesy Library of Congress

Just when you thought that maybe this week's nasty weather had passed, and maybe your morning commute wouldn't be so annoying, this morning turned into a messy slushfest. But hey, at least it's Friday, right?

Apropos of the wintry mix that's currently blanketing the city, here's a cool photo of people curling in Central Park at the turn of the 20th century. We have so many questions: What part of the park would be covered in a layer of ice? (The lake?) How did those dudes stay warm? And why can't we find anywhere to practice curling these days?

The image is one of many NYC photos produced for the Detroit Publishing Company, which, according to the Library of Congress, frequently captured "city and town views, including streets and architecture; parks and gardens; recreation; and industrial and work scenes." There's a whole batch of ’em on the LOC website if you're up for procrastinating today. (And who wouldn't be?)

(h/t Reddit)

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