Photo of the day: Summer in the city

Check out this cruising warm-weather shot from our Share Your Now contest.



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Photograph: Jimmy Hang

Today’s chilly weather has us jonesing hard for the dog days, as does this photo from Time Out’s Share Your Now contest, taken by Jimmy Hang last summer in the streets of Brooklyn. Is it June yet?

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Users say

Steven Martininoco
Steven Martininoco

This contest was unfair. The three winners were all professional photographers, and one of them may be the infamous Barrett Brown. Did TONY and Samsung do their research prior to naming the winners of this contest? Did they do background checks on the winners? Did they get prior releases from the navy men in the fleet photo taken by Barrett Brown? Is this in fact the infamous Barrett Brown that is known all over the country? Why were all three winners top photographers? Why not give the other guy a chance TONY and Samsung?