Photos: Bodega cats, one of many reasons why NYC is the best

Adorable, scrappy corner-store kitties are just one of the things that make New York City great. (And cute.)



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  • Photograph: Cinzia Reale-Castello

  • Photograph: Jonathan Aprea

  • Photograph: Jena Cumbo

    Bodega Cat

  • Photograph: Francine Daveta

  • Photograph: Jonathan Aprea

Photograph: Cinzia Reale-Castello

In this week's list of 50 reasons why NYC is the best city in the world, we wrote about bodega cats—specifically, the fact that knowing your local bodega cat is like having a really cool piece of insider information about your neighborhood—but unfortunately, we were only able to run one adorable kitty photo. Good news: We've got more bodega cat photos for you! Check 'em out above—these cats were all found in bodegas throughout Brooklyn.

Also, check out the short film "Bodega Cats," produced by Internets Celebrities in the style of an Attenborough-esque nature documentary, below. And remember: Your local corner store is the bodega cat's world—you're just shopping in it.

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