Photos: Check out an adorable baby gibbon born at the Bronx Zoo

The teeny little gibbon recently went on view, and we can't believe how cute it is.



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  • Photograph: Julie Larsen Maher

  • Photograph: Julie Larsen Maher

Photograph: Julie Larsen Maher

Do you ever have one of those mornings where it's cold and rainy, and your commute is terrible, and you sit down at your desk at 10:30am and think to yourself, "Well, it can only go downhill from here!"? If so, hi, we also had that morning. But we think your day is about to get a lot better, thanks to these photos of a ridiculously cute baby white-cheeked gibbon, which recently made its debut at the Bronx Zoo. The adorable tyke was born to Milton and Kicks, two gibbons who live in the zoo's JungleWorld habitat (which is meant to replicate an Asian rain forest), and it was the first gibbon born at the zoo since 2000. See? Don't you feel better now?

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