Poll: Which is gayer?

You don't have to be openly gay to be really queer. Tell us which is gayer, the supposed arbiter of gay culture or its ambiguous counterpart.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi vs Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

Logo vs Bravo

Melissa Etheridge vs Clay Aiken

Brokeback Mountain vs Sex and the City

Gay Games vs Olympics

Truman Capote vs Herman Melville

Christine Quinn vs Hillary Clinton

Sam Champion vs Anderson Cooper

Gucci loafers vs Converse All Stars

Splash vs Soho House

Fire Island Pines vs the Vatican

Dorian Gray vs Albus Dumbledore

the cosmopolitan vs Prosecco

New York Blade vs The New York Times

Citarella vs Trader Joe's

Porsche Boxster vs Ford Escape Hybrid

The L Word vs Brothers & Sisters

Black Party vs CFDA Awards

69 vs missionary position

Oscar Wilde Bookshop vs Barnes & Noble Union Square

Gracious Home vs Target

Provincetown vs St. Barth