Public eye: Alexandria Gamlin, 23

Sixth Ave between Prince and Spring Sts.

Alexandria, huh? Yup. It's the second-largest city in Egypt.

How do you feel about being second-best? Well, it used to be the capital because it was the largest port city in the world, back in ancient Egyptian times.'s classic.

What are you up to? Just finishing up some e-mails and a cigarette before getting on the train.

Smoking is so old-school. Are you trying to quit? Not really! I have a high-stress job—I work at Flavorpill—and so it's nice to have it as a reason to take a break. Take ten minutes, have a cigarette, chill out for a minute.

Do all your friends always make you plan their weekends, given your job? Pretty much. I have a shared calendar that I put all my plans on, so I can say, Don't ask, just look at the calendar.

What did you dream about last night? Good question. I have recurring dreams where everyone I've ever known in my life, from my third-grade teacher to my ex-boyfriend, are all in the same place, all walking around. It's always somewhere huge, like a mall or a carnival. I keep running into people I know, and I have to talk to them, and so I never get to finish the goal.

Sounds like an evening on Facebook. [Laughs] Exactly. I do have a problem with doing too many things at once.

The classic New Yorker problem. Yeah, and I dream about it all the time.

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"I'm originally from Detroit. When people say they want to visit [there], I say, 'Visit in five years and it will be great.' It's on its way."

"I'm listening to Das Racist on my iPod. They're my favorite right now. Being that concerts are my living, I am constantly going through new obsessions."

"Everywhere I go, I'm known as that black girl with the blond Afro. I was thinking of going back to my black hair, but now I think I'll keep it because it's become my personality. It does represent me: It's big, it's fun, it's loud, but it's still a bit stylish. Do blonds have more fun? Um, I think I have a lot of fun."

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