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What is it? Combine the joys of elementary-school recess with the intensity of boot camp and a fast and loud soundtrack, and you’ve got Punk Rope. Regular workouts involve calisthenics, conditioning drills, wacky relay races and, of course, a ton of rope jumping. Says founder Tim Haft, 48, of Stuyvesant Town: “It’s the most fun you can have while getting your butt kicked.”

When should I bring my game face? Classes are held weekly (check punkrope.com for a list of locations), but the inaugural Punk Rope Olympics will take place on Saturday 16 at Softball Field No. 2 at McCarren Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Bedford Ave between Lorimer and North 12th Sts, 718-609-1090). The 2pm competition is now closed, but anyone is welcome to watch, and to stick around for the 4pm awards ceremony and picnic (bring your own food, but drink as much free Vita Coco coconut water as you like).

What will I see there? Ten teams of four will don goofy uniforms and compete in eight different events, accompanied by their own cheering sections. “The Furry Fling is a shot put of a stuffed animal,” says Haft. “There’s also Partner Punk-Ups, where two teammates place a playground ball between their foreheads. Sweat typically dislocates the ball.” For the Rubber Chicken Relay, each participant will run 25 yards, turn, run back to the start and hand off the rubber chicken to a teammate. “If you drop the chicken or mess up the handoff, you’re pretty much toast,” says Haft. “The winning team will be a combo of sprinters, farmers and Gary Larson fans.”
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