Randi Roberts, 22

Eighth Ave between 40th and 41st Sts

Photograph: Lizz Kuehl

What are you up to? I just got in from Jersey.

Is that where you live? Technically I live in London right now. I'm getting my master's in art business from Sotheby's Institute.

Art business. That's either an oxymoron or redundant, depending on who you ask. [Laughs] Yeah, artists would say it's an oxymoron. But art is a business. At Sotheby's, we're learning how to start a gallery, looking at business plans, marketing...

Are you used to the gloom and the warm beer yet? Of London? It's not so gloomy. It only rains for a little part of the day.

And only the tourists carry umbrellas. I know! And all the locals wear suede boots all the time. I'm the only one in wellies.

So did you grow up in New Jersey? Yeah, Hoboken.

When someone asks where you're from— I say I'm from New York.

Not much pride, huh? I mean, I love Jersey, but when you're overseas...

Hey, it has its own TV show. Oh God. People in Hoboken aren't even like that. I've never even encountered a guidette.

I'm glad for you. What are you up to in New York today? Just eating lunch and hanging out with my boyfriend.

You guys long-distancing it? Yeah, we are. Very long distance.

So you're not observing the area code rule? [Laughs] No, no. And it's really intense because of the time difference. But it's cool, we iChat a lot.

More from Randi

"I used to work at the Studio Museum in Harlem—I had an internship that was really good for me. [Director] Thelma Golden is really smart."

"I'll probably come back to the States and go to school for something else next. I had a moment of wanting to go to school for...clothes. [Laughs] But that was fleeting."

"I feel like art has always been made for a market. There hasn't really been art for art's sake. For the longest time, art was produced for a patron, and [since then] there has been a little more freedom. But it has become really commercialized and, like, for money."