Raya Demska

Bedford Ave between North 11th and 12th Sts, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Photograph: Jay Muhlin

How old are you? You don't write how old I am. [Laughs] I had a teacher teach me: When we don't tell our age, we always young.

Fair enough. What are you up to? I walk to home from work. I'm energy healer—I clean the memory. It's Hawaiian technique of ho'oponopono. It is a technique for better wealth, health, peace and more. I say a beautiful prayer from Hawaii: "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you." This prayer is for cleaning.

To clean what? Well, to clean our memory.

Like in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? What? I don't know this. When you have toxic mother or grandfather, and they died, you have always this influence inside your body, making problems for our lives. I clean the soul.

And what do you tell people who don't believe you? Nothing. It's difficult to push people who don't believe. Better to avoid.

Where are you from? I am from Poland. I came because it's part of my life journey to help people of New York with my special ability.

Did you get a divine message about that? Yes. New York is special. Many people are lost. We have alienation—from nature, from family, from partnership, from inner self.

So you're here to help us with that. Yes, and help myself, too! Because I am part of New York now. [Laughs]

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"I like my job, but I am a woman—I love dancing, especially I love the flamenco. I love walking with a partner, I love the ocean. I love my profession, but I love life."

"Time is very short. For me, it is very important to slow down. Is better for our inside."

"For me, fashion is very easy. I have talent for it—always I have it. I don't know exactly where I get this inspiration. I always know what I should buy. I think it's from God. Divine fashion! [Laughs]"