Rocky Vang Olsen, 7, and Zohar Peretz, 8

W 19th St between Eighth and Ninth Aves.

Photograph: Allison Michael Orenstein

Do you guys know each other from school?
Yeah. We go to P.S. 3. It's pretty cool. We're in second grade.

What do you like about second grade?
It's not as challenging as third grade. My friends told me that.

So you're enjoying the easy life now as skater kids.
Rocky: Yep. This is called a RipStik. It has one wheel oneach side instead of two. I just got it today.

Are you gonna be famous skateboarders?
Mmm, maybe. But I might be a famous drawer, actually. I draw funny characters, like aliens.
Zohar: Like Squidward from SpongeBob, but with a longer nose. When I grow up, I'll probably invent stuff. I haven't invented anything yet, but I want to invent some things. Or I might do sports, maybe. I haven't made up my mind.

That's what's nice about being eight.
Yeah, and you're right in the middle of ten and five, or something. It's fun being a little older and a little younger. I think it's the best age.

Rocky, is that your real name?
Yes, but my full name is Meshach Jahraki. Jah is God, ra is a sun god, and ki is...I don't remember. Kids call me Rocky Balboa.
Zohar: Mine is Jewish. It means light, radiance.

You guys would make great superheroes.
Yeah, I wish.

More from Rocky and Zohar

Zohar says:
"We don't hang out with girls because they have the cooties. Cooties are, like, boy germs and girl germs. If you're a boy, girls have the cooties, and if you're a girl, boys have the cooties."
"In the World Cup, I'm rooting for New York and Argentina—New York because I'm from here and Argentina because they have Messi. He's a really good soccer player. He's, like, the best one on that team. I'm guessing the winner might be Argentina because right now Messi is the best in the world."

Rocky says:
"I lived in Trinidad mostly until now. It feels good to be in New York. It feels really good. It feels as good as eating mint gum."