Ruben Rohde, 34, and Mateo Rohde, 3

Fifth Ave and 40th St

Ruben Rohde and Mateo Rohde

Ruben Rohde and Mateo Rohde Photograph by Jay Muhlin

"I stick to the same kinds of clothes—if it works, why change it? Also, I never wear colors—it's easier that way. I'm a gray guy."

What are you up to? We're on our way to check out Central Park. We're visiting from California.

Whereabouts? Alameda. It's kind of like San Francisco's Brooklyn.

Are you a West Coast native? No. I grew up in Mexico City, which is actually very similar to New York.

How so? It's really big and it has everything you could possibly want in terms of art, music—whatever you're into. People move there- just like they move to New York: to get into fashion or other fields. But they also pay the price.

Hey, man. What do you mean, "pay the price"?!? [Laughs] Well, whatever you're paying for your place—and you probably only get a tiny room. Am I right?

Yes, I have to concede that one. So what do you do? Interactive technology—I'm a designer.

I could tell that by your glasses. [Laughs] I wasn't actually going for the designer look. I've had so many frames, and the kids always find a way to break them. So I was going for sturdy.

Speaking of kids, tell me about this adorable accessory on your arm. This is Mateo. He just turned three. He has an older brother, Max.

Is he always so angelic? I think I see a devilish gleam in his eye. He's a bit of a...personality. He's a screamer.

Ah, the second-born's need to be heard. Yeah, well, you have to develop a certain set of skills to cope. I think that's what he's doing.

Is the city everything you thought it would be? Well, we haven't seen any rats.

Too bad! Not even those big ones in the subway? We call those track rabbits. Didn't see any of those, either. Otherwise it's been a great trip.—Kate Lowenstein