Samir Massih, 30

42nd St between Eighth and Ninth Aves

Samir Massih

Samir Massih Photograph by Jay Muhlin

"I normally do the Clark Gable look, with a thin mustache. He's my favorite movie star. My mom made me watch Gone with the Wind a lot growing up. This soul patch is more Zorro. It's Zorro-meets--Clark Gable."

Where are you from? I'm a mutt: I'm half Lebanese and half Dominican.

That's an unusual combination. Yes. My parents met on the beach in the Dominican Republic. They made me on the beach, too.

A detail most parents spare us. Well, I asked my mother. It's like the drink—sex on the beach.

Hot. You must have eaten some amazing food growing up. Yes. I ate a lot of kibbe—a Middle Eastern dish with raw meat and herbs—and, of course, rice and beans. And a lot of bull meat. Bull testicles are good for virility.

And fish improves your swimming. [Laughs] I haven't heard that one, but now that you say it...

What do you do? I'm a makeup artist at Bergdorf Goodman's T. LeClerc counter. I also work for an energy company.

Another unusual combination. What's the connection? I get energy from the power plants and transmit it through my hands into my art.

Sounds like some newfangled cosmetic technology. [Laughs] Yeah. Actually, I'm just starting at the energy company. The husband of one of my makeup clients is the CFO of the company and liked my sales technique, so he recruited me.

Ever poked anyone in the eye with a mascara wand? [Laughs] No, not yet. Thank God.

What is it that makes you want to touch women's faces all day? I've always wanted to be close to women. One of my first jobs was at Victoria's Secret, giving women advice on underwear and bras.

So you're pretty much the envy of every lady-loving man in the city. Trust me, I am.—Kate Lowenstein