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Full Bunny Contact

Full Bunny Contact Photograph: Michael Blase

Come, little rabbits, into the demented world of Full Bunny Contact, a four-day fete from Nightmare Haunted House creator Tim Haskell kicking off tonight. It promises to be just as creepy as the Halloween experience, but with scary, bunny-clad men subbing for serial killers. (Okay, so maybe it’s creepier.)

At the center of the alterna–Easter fantasy for adults is a 20-by-20-foot steel cage, where two unarmed contestants participate in an American Gladiators–style egg hunt against three big, bad, jousting-stick-armed hares (costumed actors—that was obvious, right?).

The less athletically inclined can feast on food-truck eats, guzzle an adult beverage, and try their hand at egg decorating and other carnival-style game booths, many of which require no ability whatsoever. Our favorites? You only had to ask.

Hare-y Up
Relive one of Aesop’s most famous fables by strapping on a 40-pound faux tortoise shell and racing against a kid in a hopsack down a 25-foot track.

Take a picture with the creepy Easter bunny
Why wouldn’t you bring home a souvenir photo of yourself and a dude dressed as a rabbit? It’s like the mall version, only his costume won’t be cute and fluffy, and he’ll lurk, leer and mutter unnervingly to himself. (Shiver.)

Chicken Scratch
Test your tic-tac-toe acumen against a guy in a chicken suit (starting to pick up on a trend?). Be warned: He has a feather and he will tickle you with it.

Little Bunny FuFu’s Revenge
This game’s a bit like T-ball meets Whac-A-Mole: You bop stuffed toy rabbits with a mallet (while wearing bunny ears). Hit one into a basket and win a prize.

Full Bunny Contact runs April 17–20 at the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center.

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