The week everyone in New York got sick (and how you can avoid it)

Just kidding, you can't avoid it. But here's how to make it a little better.



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This is not the right way to sneeze.

This is not the right way to sneeze.

You may have noticed a startling number of coworkers, friends and loved ones have developed phlegm-hacking coughs or projectile, mucus-laden sneezes over the past week. It's no coincidence. The CDC confirms that flu season is in full swing, and the yearly onslaught hasn't reached its peak yet. Need more proof? Take a look at Google Flu Trends, which describes New York's flu activity as "intense," marking the state with an alarming shade of red. It's no coincidence red is also the color of Netflix DVD envelopes. Hence our advice: Stay home as a precautionary measure and catch up on Girls and Justified (okay, and Pretty Little Liars, too) before they return later this week. And if you do catch the insipid bug? At least learn the right way to sneeze, below.

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