Today in hilarious cat news: Bodega cat frightens unsuspecting pups



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Photograph: New York/Victoria Bekiempis

Photograph: New York/Victoria Bekiempis

Does this look like the face of a cat who would lash out at poor, innocent puppies? The answer is yes, because all cats want to attack dogs; it's in their nature. But this specific kitty, February, lives in an Upper East Side bodega; according to a DNA Info story, the adorable fluffball has taken to menacing dogs that pass by the shop, to the point where its owners have posted a "no pets" sign to ward off owners and their pups. But it doesn't always work. According to the piece, "February's favorite pastime is leaving the store and sauntering onto the sidewalk, stalking the dogs who enter and exit Running Paws, the doggie daycare next door."

Predictably, February didn't have any comment on the matter: "Asked to respond to allegations of dog attacks, February blinked and fell asleep." We would expect nothing less.

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