Watch midtown Manhattan's skyscrapers rise in 60 seconds (video)

The video, produced by Cube Cities, shows the growth in midtown from the 1850s through the present day.



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Still from Cube Cities' Midtown Manhattan Growth Animation

Still from Cube Cities' Midtown Manhattan Growth Animation

Midtown Manhattan is pretty much synonymous with skyscrapers at this point, but that wasn't always the case: Before the 20th century, most of the city's tall buildings were located downtown. Of course, things changed, and now Manhattan's midsection is clogged with supertall structures.

Curious to see that development in action? Take a look at the animated video below, produced by Cube Cities. It shows the construction of buildings in midtown (specifically the area around 59th Street and Central Park), beginning in the 1850s and continuing through the present day. What's most fascinating is seeing when development was particularly heavy (in the 1920s, ’70s and ’90s). (h/t Curbed, via Runnin' Scared)

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