We switched jobs

Want to change your job path? Find out how these five New Yorkers made it happen.

Stacey Toussaint, 35

securities lawyer turned Inside Out Tours entrepreneur (insideouttours.com)

How did you get started?
About a year and a half ago my business partner and I wrote a business plan. We both still had our full-time jobs and did this on the side. We entered it to the PowerUp! business plan competition, which runs out of the Brooklyn Public Library, and won an award. So in February, after seven years practicing law, I resigned.

Then what?
I went to the Department of Consumer Affairs and got licensed as a tour guide. I did research about where we could find buses, looked at industry trends, did surveys online and in person, and tried to understand our target market. It was also a lot of researching different neighborhoods and meeting with locals and business.

How are you paying your bills?
I do contract attorney work on the side. So I have short-term assignments that help bring money in—but I'm still dipping into my savings.

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