What turns us on: Neal Medlyn

Photograph: Allison Michael Orenstein

I was hot for performance artist Neal Medlyn right off the bat (I’ve got a thing for skinny guys with nerdy eyewear—sue me), but most people don’t cotton to his raw sexual energy until he takes the stage. That’s when the seemingly milquetoast 33-year-old starts gyrating wildly and peeling off layers of clothing as he sings manic covers of pop hits by Lionel Richie, Phil Collins and other Top 40 icons. (He recently channeled bootylicious Beyoncé at a New Museum party.) Tragically, Medlyn is married to Nerve editor Ada Calhoun—but that won’t stop die-hard fans like me from swooning during his July show at P.S. 122, where he’ll be summoning rock’s sexiest motherfucker, Prince.

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