Where to adopt a dog in New York City (slide show)

Looking to adopt a dog? Click through heart-melting photos of local pooches in need of good homes and discover NYC’s top shelters.



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  • Photograph: ASPCA(R)

    Blanco, 9, Bichon Frisé mix. Adopt at ASPCA.

  • Photograph: ASPCA(R)

    Johnny, 4, pit bull mix. Adopt at ASPCA.

  • Photograph: ASPCA(R)

    Lady, 8, pit bull mix. Adopt at ASPCA.

  • Photograph: Melissa Wiedemann at Barking Photo

    Colleen, 10, Chow Chow mix. Adopt at BARC.

  • Photograph: Melissa Wiedemann at Barking Photo

    Joseph, 6, black Labrador Retriever. Adopt at BARC.

  • Photograph: Melissa Wiedemann at Barking Photo

    Leroy, 7, Labrador/pit bull mix. Adopt at BARC.

  • Photograph: Melissa Wiedemann at Barking Photo

    Melissa, 5, American Staffordshire terrier mix. Adopt at BARC.

  • Photograph: Melissa Wiedemann at Barking Photo

    Sparrow, 5, American Staffordshire terrier mix. Adopt at BARC.

Photograph: ASPCA(R)

Blanco, 9, Bichon Frisé mix. Adopt at ASPCA.

Yearning for a cute canine as they storm NYC for Monday’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show? Head to one of these adoption centers and welcome a four-legged friend into your abode. And once your new pal is properly trained, hit up one of these dog-friendly parks or bars.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Before hitting the headquarters of the nation’s oldest humane organization for critters, scroll through pics and personality profiles of thousands of canines on the ASPCA’s handy site. And if you have your heart set on a particular puppy, note that you and your prospective man’s-best-friend are required to take an eight-class obedience course ($70).
Price range: $75–$200, depending on age and breed
Must: Be at least 21 years old, provide a photo ID and proof of address (say, a utility bill), and fill out a survey. 212-876-7700, aspca.org

  1. 424 E 92nd St between First and York Aves

Animal Care & Control of NYC

With locations in all five boroughs—three care centers, plus receiving locations in Queens and the Bronx—AC&C is huge, bringing in nearly 40,000 strays each year. Its site isn’t as user-friendly as the ASPCA’s…but that doesn’t mean its furry inhabitants are any less worthy of an abode. If your hound of choice is properly spayed or neutered (a requirement for any pet to be adopted in NYC), you can take it home with you then and there. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the following day while your new roommate undergoes the procedure.
Price range: $25–$400
Must: Answer an adoption questionnaire, be at least 18 years old, and provide a valid photo ID and proof of current residence. 326 E 110th St between First and Second Aves • 2336 Linden Blvd between Essex St and Shepherd Ave, East New York, Brooklyn • 3139 Veterans Rd West at Arthur Kill Rd, Staten Island • nycacc.org, 212-788-4000

  1. Various locations

Animal Haven

Since the late 1960s, this reputable Soho spot has gone above and beyond to make sure its pooches find loving families, even enlisting ’em into obedience training. On-site counselors require that every member of the household meets the adoptee before closing the deal.
Price range: Puppies less than a year old $350, others $250
Must: Be at least 21 years old and bring along a signed application, a personal reference, proof that pooches are allowed in your place and (if you already have a pet) your current vet’s contact info. 212-274-8511, animalhavenshelter.org

  1. 251 Centre St between Broome and Grand Sts


Bideawee, which means “stay awhile” in Scottish slang, has found domiciles for pets in New York City for more than a century. On its site, gawk at videos of cuddly ones in action  and awww-inducing photos, and read extremely thorough backstories of each animal.
Price range: Puppies less than six months old $225, others $150
Must: Fill out the application and present a photo ID and proof that your residence allows pets. 212-532-4455, bideawee.org

  1. 410 E 38th St between First Ave and FDR Dr

Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition

This Billyburg shelter makes sure owners are serious about adoption, requiring that all interested peeps pay a nonrefundable fee of $150 during the application process. Go to BARC’s site for honest descriptions (which point out, for instance, that a dog isn’t all that kid-friendly) and testimonials that will make you feel all gooey inside.
Price range: Free…after said application fee.
Must: Be at least 21 years old, fill out an application, and show two forms of ID, two references and a lease (or letter from a landlord) stating that doggies can stay at your digs. 718-486-7489, barcshelter.org

  1. 253 Wythe Ave, (at North 1st St)
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Also try:
The Humane Society of New York, 306 E 59th St Between First and Second Aves (212-752-4842, ‪humanesocietyny.org‬‬‬‬‎) Sean Casey Animal Rescue, 153 E 3rd St between Caton Ave and Fort Hamilton Pkwy, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn (718-436-5163, nyanimalrescue.org)

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You missed my favorite 100% NO KILL rescue where EVERYTHING is done for the animals. Bobbi and the Strays in Glendale and Freeport, NY should have been included. They do not have high paid executives like some of the other groups you highlighted in your article.

Holly McClean
Holly McClean

The place to adopt is ACC or from the rescue groups that pull dogs out of there. It is like dog and cat jail and my view the only ones committing a crimes are the owners who abandon their pets to the one place in NYC who will after a certain amount of time, kill them, the government of NYC who runs it and the "1% " megarich who mostly live here and would rather spend $20,000 on a purse and allow thousands of dogs and cats to die every year. Alot of people think surrendering their dog to ACC is the same as giving it up to the ASPCA, Bideaway or independent rescue groups like Second Chance Rescue, For Our Friends and countless others who unlike ACC get no money from the city but never, like them, euthanize pets. If you must give up a pet, do it responsibly by getting in touch with a rescue group or non kill shelter, not ACC and if you want to adopt, go to ACC and save a life.


I wish you added rescue groups to this piece.... There are amazing people in this who have rescue groups for dogs and they bring dogs from all over the US and search for forever homes or temporary fosters. I adopted my perfect dog through Eve's Sanctuary. They bring puppies and a lot of small breed dogs to adoption days at The Pet Health Store on 81st and Amsterdam (UWS). Plus you can check out the dogs looking for homes on their FB page..... They take such good care of dogs that you have to check them out!!!!!!!