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"I always see these psychic storefronts with the neon signs. I'd like to go to one, but I don't know which ones are good."
—Christina E.

Mrs. Eva
Mrs. Eva reads palms ($10) in a tiny shop right above the Bedford Avenue stop on the L Train. The 15-minute session isn't rushed, and Eva's impressions feel genuine, full of spot-on details. 183 Bedford Ave at North 7th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-388-1001). Daily 11am--11pm.

Psychic Ashley
This psychic's demeanor can go from sweet to super intense pretty quickly. Her readings ($25) can be frightening—you may end up convinced that you need her to get rid of the curse on your family. It's definitely an intense way to end (or start) a night—unless you crave drama. 230 W Houston St at Varick St (212-367-1927). Daily 10am--midnight.

Psychic Shana
This future-telling emporium has given partiers in the East Village a peek into the great unknown since 1984. Shana provides pretty accurate palm readings ($15), especially concerning her subjects' love lives—spooky, but not in a bad way. 403 E 6th St at First Ave (212-505-9691). Daily 10am--midnight.

Spiritual Readings by Ann Marie
For $10, this medium will answer a single question, so make it a good one. (Hint: "Will the Mets go to the World Series?" might not be a winner.) We asked, "What can I look forward to in the new year?" In one breath, the psychic—named Jennifer, not the titular Ann Marie—replied, "A new career, something in numbers, because you are creative, that will be $10." The experience is a playful destination between karaoke bars, not a place for sober inquiry. 31 St. Marks Pl between Second and Third Aves (212-477-5771). Daily 11am--11pm.

In one ten-minute single-palm reading ($20), you can find out what to expect from yourself, your love life and your profession. Zena doesn't sound scripted; she nailed our stomach problems, creativity and career path right from the start. The space is bigger than most psychic dens and in a high-profile location. The windows are framed by thick, mood-setting curtains—it's perfect place to try with a crew in tow. 82 Seventh Ave South at Bleecker St (212-807-0498). Daily 9am--midnight.

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Nona Miss
Nona Miss

Ann Marie of St. Marks is a SCAMMER. She conned me out of thousands of dollars a few years ago when I was going through a difficult time in my life. She showed me disturbing slight-of-hand tricks like bloody eggs to "prove" that my family was "cursed". She's lacks a conscience, has a weird mole on her face (I think near her nose), blond hair, her family speaks some eastern-european sounding language. In all honesty, I'm surprised she isn't in jail right now. I severed all ties with her after reading this website: I can't believe what a fool I was, and what a heartless liar she was. Ann Marie: Her bloody eggs are bullsh*t. And shame on you, TIME, for ADVERTISING CRIME. You've just lost 100,000 points in my book.