You can watch the first two episodes of Girls—even without HBO

HBO has made the first two episodes of the sitcom's new season available on YouTube (but they'll be online for only a month)



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While lots of people were watching the Golden Globes last night, at least some folks (including, perhaps understandably, Mia Farrow) were instead tuning in to HBO for the premiere of the third season of Girls. But if you don't have cable (or access to a pal's HBO Go account—hey, we're not judging), you can still check out the first two episodes of the season, which are now available via HBO's YouTube channel. They'll be up for four weeks, according to Slate.

If you did see the first episode of Girls, then perhaps you remember the scene in which Hannah (Lena Dunham) discusses the book she's working on with her agent, played by John Cameron Mitchell. In it, he references one of Hannah's essays—about her dalliance with a dude and kidney stones in extremely uncomfortable places—that he's trying to have published on Nerve. Well, today, Nerve published the "essay" (actually written by Molly Fitzpatrick), and it's exactly what we'd have expected from Hannah. Give it a read—if you're not squeamish, that is.

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