Weekend getaways from NYC: Quick, easy and affordable escapes

Escape the city at the drop of a sun hat with these weekend getaways, including easy day trips to classic summer destinations like the Hamptons and Fire Island



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Don’t spend your precious days off waiting around in airport lounges; easy day trips and overnights are just a car, train or bus ride away. Whether you’re looking for adventurous outdoor activities, sunbathing, beaches off the beaten track, culinary destinations (lobster-shack road trip!) or culture, we’ve found plenty of weekend getaways to satisfy your wanderlust.

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Weekend getaways and day trips from NYC

The 10 best weekend getaways

We've got weekend getaways for adventurers and lazybones alike—all so close, you can go right now

Weekend trips

Escape to a beach town in Delaware, lake resort in New York State, mountaintop retreat in New Hampshire or lobster hot spot in Maine

Day trips

Find easy, affordable excursions to visit sculpture gardens, hiking trails, fishing towns, whitewater rapids, zip-line courses or beaches

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Users say

Ayatullah A
Ayatullah A

You've acclimated an analogy that acutely depicts the Three Sisters at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains alfresco Sydney to allegorize weekend getaways from NYC...www.travel-banking.com

Pam H
Pam H

How about The Blue Willow Bed and Breakfast in upstate historic Stone Ridge in Hudson Valley NY.  Gorgeous scenery, romantic, relaxing, lots to do. 

Anastasia C
Anastasia C

You've used an illustration that clearly depicts the Three Sisters at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney to illustrate weekend getaways from NYC...


This page is a waste of space and has no real content, just a bunch of links and ads...... thanks for wasting my time

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