Bookmark this: Critic-O-Meter

digestionHey, kids: Do all those full-length theater reviews make your eyes tired? Do all the critical clichs—"brisk direction" "energized ensemble" "witty dialogue"—start to blur into one pulpy mass of adjectives? Well, snooze and drool over your favorite periodical no longer. If you haven't bookmarked Critic-O-Meter yet, now's the time. (My fine colleague Adam Feldman already noted its launch in December.) This useful digest of new theater reviews boils them down to a paragraph and assigns them a grade, from A+ to F. We're not going to lie and say that this grading process is exact, or that you don't get warped averages from lumping together the best critics in this town—TONY's, to be exact—and everyone else. Still, it's a fun time-killer and offers you a quick overview of how a certain production has been received. Also, you see some real breadth of opinion. Take the revival of Our Town at Barrow Street Theatre. You can savor sane and perceptive reviews of the production, such as mine...and then you can enjoy old-guard grousing from a traditionalist such as John Simon. Hours of family fun. So kudos to Critic-O-Meter creators (and TONY contributors) Rob Weinert-Kendt and Isaac Butler.