Burlesque spotlight: Shocks & C*cks



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Go-Go Harder

Go-Go Harder

Burlesque is overwhelmingly a ladies' game: a sugar-and-spice genre that invites men (and women) in the audience to gawk as proud hussies show off their titillations and assurance. A few men do make the rounds in New York's tightly knit burlesque scene; TONY's own Raven Snook, who has dabbled extensively in the burly-q biz herself, offered a very helpful thumbnail guide to some of the best-known male performers a few weeks ago on this very site. But many of these men serve more as MCs or comic relief, and seldom is there an evening devoted exclusively to the boys of the almost-banned. Bravo, then, to the go-go-getting Jonny Porkpie—impresario, fiction writer, comedian, bottom-pincher and good-natured bon vivant—for venturing where few straight men have gone before. Roughly a year ago in Brooklyn, Porkpie hosted the first edition of a special evening he called Shocks & C*cks: a celebration of male exhibitionism that featured memorable routines by such performers as the sleek Ferro, the cleverly artsy British Heart and the thalidomide-affected Mat Fraser, whose striptease included removing a pair of prosthetic arms. Porkpie was an amiably self-deprecating and quick-witted host, and by the end of the night the stage was a mound of goofy naked flesh. Porkpie will repeat the experiment this Sunday night (November 14) at 11pm as part of his Bad Ideas series at the East Village's Bowery Poetry Club. For the bargain price of just $12—which includes admission to Sweet & Nasty, a more traditional burlesque distaff party, at 10pm—you can catch an "All Nude All Dude Revue" that includes acts by the bad-puppy--ish Go-Go Harder and the fearless Tigger! If 2009's inaugural edition is any indication, expect an amusing and outrageous night of good-natured dicking around.

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