Knockdown, drag out: It's curtains for La Cage

Photograph by Joan Marcus

Because I loved the Broadway revival of La Cage aux Folles when it opened, it gave me no pleasure to report last week that the show's luster had faded with the departure of original stars Kelsey Grammer and Douglas Hodge. But although I have serious reservations about the production now—Harvey Fierstein and Christopher Sieber work hard to keep the show afloat (under challenging circumstances), but they're not a great Cage match—it also gives me no pleasure to report that the show will play its final performance on Sunday, May 1. The news is not unexpected; La Cage's grosses have been low for months, and the arrival of a flashier drag-themed Broadway musical surely didn't help. But the production has nothing to be ashamed of: It was a thing of beauty, it had a good run and it is bowing out with dignity, having made a strong case for the La Cage aux Folles's enduring appeal. A tip of the hat and a grand sweep of the boa have been earned by all involved.