Timeshare Backyard opens on the Lower East Side next week



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Photograph: Courtesy the Participation Agency

If you, like us, have spent many summer days longing for the space afforded by massive suburban lawns, we have good news! Beginning next week, a pop-up backyard will bring the experience of hanging out in your parents' backyard to a lot on the Lower East Side. Started by Jacqui Kavanagh and Jessica Resler of the Participation Agency, the Timeshare Backyard is a private space that will be available to rent for a flate rate of $50 per hour, for up to eight hours. (If you bring 20 friends, that works out to about $20 per person for a full day—not too shabby.)

Those who rent out the space can also request a variety of fun add-ons for an additional flat fee, including water balloons ($5) and a Slip 'n Slide ($100). Tack on a grill ($50), a pack of hamburgers and hot dogs from Brooklyn's Meat Hook ($100 for ten people), and a keg ($150), and you've got yourself a party. The space, which is located at 145 Ludlow Street (between Rivington and Stanton Streets), opens on August 11, and will be available until the end of August. If you want to make a reservation, e-mail we@theparticipationagency.us.

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