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Green fragrant olive oil in attractively shaped bottles (or large-capacity cans, for the hopeless addicts) and tubs of fresh, succulent olives are the main...

14 rue Saint François de Paule



For several generations, the same family has been making a good living here selling all manner of fruits confits and sinful chocolate concoctions. The...

7 rue Saint François de Paule

Auer Gourmet

Restaurants & cafés, Shops

If you're looking for a cuppa, you've come to the right place. Newly opened and already a thriving success, Auer Gourmet is the small adjunct to the...

7 rue Saint François de Paule

Boulangerie J Multari

Critics' choice

Shop for breakfast at the perennially busy Boulangerie J Multari. Look for its mint-green façade and, inevitably, a queue of shoppers stretching out into...

2 rue Alphonse Karr

Caves Bianchi


If you want the finest wines available to humanity and you want them now, this might be a good place to start looking. Vintages great and small are to be...

7 Raoul Bosio

Confiserie Florian


The vast copper pots and jam-making paraphernalia are on display for all to see in the kitchens of this niçois institution. In addition to its famous jams...

14 quai Papacino

La Ferme Fromagère


The main reason to come to La Ferme is to browse its wonderfully pungent cheese shop, which sells literally hundreds of meticulously cared for French...

27 rue Lépante