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Half a century on, and this charming bastion of niçois cooking is going strong. A small cluster of tables spills down the steps from the terrace, while...

22 rue Pairolière


Restaurants & cafés

It's a good thing that this old-school family restaurant is only open for dinner. For one thing, you need a full day's exercise to work up the appetite to...

11-13 ruelle de l'Abbaye

Lou Pilha Leva

Restaurants & cafés

Sitting down, standing up, wandering off into the crowd - there's a bit of everything going on at this swarming hive of a socca spot. No more than a...

10 rue Collet

Lou Pistou

Restaurants & cafés

From the charming lilt of its name to the sweet lace curtains and the chalkboard notice announcing the 'chaudron du jour' that hang in its windows, Lou...

4 rue Raoul Bosio

Nissa Socca

Restaurants & cafés

Socca, pasta, pizza (some say the best to be found anywhere in town) and plenty more vie for your attention on the menu of this lively corner restaurant....

7 rue Sainte Réparte

Restaurant du Gésu

Restaurants & cafés

Locals and tourists sit side by side - always a good sign - on the pretty terrace of this unpretentious, perennially busy restaurant. Simple, delicious...

1 place du Gésu

Voyageur Nissart

Restaurants & cafés

Celebrating its centenary in 2008, this much-loved family restaurant can truly claim to have handed down its recipes through the generations. And they've...

19 rue d'Alsace Lorraine