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Le Chantecler

Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés

The city's hot toque is now crowning the head of culinary wunderkind Jean-Denis Rieubland, who has replaced Bruno Turbot in the Negresco's flagship kitchen....

Hôtel Negresco, 37 promenade des Anglais
Major venue

Le Frog

Restaurants & cafés

As a restaurant idea, you might be forgiven for thinking that Le Frog just wouldn't have legs. But nothing could be further from the truth. American...

3 rue Milton Robbins

Le Grand Balcon

Restaurants & cafés

Looking a lot like a library in a stately home, Le Grand Balcon is something of a novelty in this otherwise more casual part of town. The menu, which is...

10 rue Saint François de Paule

Le Grand Café de Turin

Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés

In the colonnaded tunnel provided by the eaves that skirt this side of the place Garibaldi, 'Le Turin' is the best place to come for sparklingly fresh...

2 place Garibaldi

Le Haricot Magique

Restaurants & cafés

This groovy restaurant suits quaint little rue Alberti very well. It's a colourful, fun place with a resolutely urban clientele installed on its rustic Van...

7 rue Alberti

Le Padouk

Restaurants & cafés

Replacing the much-revered Bruno Sohn in the kitchen at this palatial hotel restaurant can't have been easy, but new arrival Philippe Thomas seems to be...

13-15 promenade des Anglais

Le Quebec

Restaurants & cafés

No, it's not a French-Canadian restaurant. This catch-all brasserie (affiliated to La Pizza a short step down the road) dabbles in pizza, pasta, steak...

43 rue Masséna

Le Speakeasy

Restaurants & cafés

Its narrow entrance bedecked with the stars and stripes, this American-owned vegan eaterie is one of a kind. Cooking is surprisingly inventive, and...

7 rue Lamartine

Les Pêcheurs

Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés

You'll find all the usual Mediterranean seafood (sardines, octopus, sea bream) at this accomplished portside brasserie, but often with an Asian or Creole...

18 quai des Docks

Les Pins d'Alep

Restaurants & cafés

A traiteur as well as a restaurant (it's hard to leave empty-handed, as you pass the display of houmous, baba ganoush and other deli treats), Les Pins...

40 boulevard Stalingrad

Les Viviers

Restaurants & cafés

A bicameral affair (bistro on one side, fine dining on the other), Les Viviers is one of the premier addresses in town for top-notch seafood. On the...

22 rue Alphonse Karr


Restaurants & cafés

Half a century on, and this charming bastion of niçois cooking is going strong. A small cluster of tables spills down the steps from the terrace, while...

22 rue Pairolière


Restaurants & cafés

It's a good thing that this old-school family restaurant is only open for dinner. For one thing, you need a full day's exercise to work up the appetite to...

11-13 ruelle de l'Abbaye

Lou Pistou

Restaurants & cafés

From the charming lilt of its name to the sweet lace curtains and the chalkboard notice announcing the 'chaudron du jour' that hang in its windows, Lou...

4 rue Raoul Bosio

Luc Salsedo

Restaurants & cafés

Elegant wicker chairs and crisp white tablecloths lend just the right note of formality to this friendly neighbourhood bistro. Operating from a genteel...

14 rue Maccarani