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La Pérouse

Critics' choice

The sunny yellow façade and lovely terracotta roof tiles of this seriously swanky hotel are picture-postcard perfect against the backdrop of the Colline du...

11 quai Rauba Capeu

La Réserve

Restaurants & cafés

This iconic building, unoccupied for more than a decade, has been brought to life again by stellar chef Jouni Tormanen, who moved his whole operation here...

60 boulevard Franck Pilatte

La Zucca Magica

Restaurants & cafés

Hallowe'en lasts all year round at this extraordinary vegetarian restaurant, where the pumpkin is king of the menu and the candlelit interior (not to...

4 bis quai Papacino


Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés

A troupe of frescoed commedia dell'-arte characters surveys the mealtime crowds at this lovably straightforward Italian. The delicious, freshly made pasta...

6 place Guynemar

L'Âne Rouge

Restaurants & cafés

Widely regarded as one of the best seafood restaurants in Nice, L'Âne Rouge enjoys a suitably nautical location right on the harbour's edge. As a result,...

7 quai des deux Emmanuel

Le Bistrot du Port

Restaurants & cafés

Looking out on to the gin palaces and luxury yachts of Nice's old port, this bright yellow bistro has great food, fine wines and excellent service. Last...

28 quai Lunel

Le Castel

Restaurants & cafés

At the far eastern end of the Baie des Anges, Le Castel beach restaurant is the ideal place to surf a long lunch hour far into the afternoon. Take a table...

8 quai des Etats-Unis

Le Grand Balcon

Restaurants & cafés

Looking a lot like a library in a stately home, Le Grand Balcon is something of a novelty in this otherwise more casual part of town. The menu, which is...

10 rue Saint François de Paule

Le Grimaldi


This is the kind of smart, townhouse hotel where you get the feeling that you are really being looked after. Staff know who you are, the rooms are...

15 rue Grimaldi

Le Masséna


Don't be misled by the stately belle époque façade of this grand hotel, the Masséna has its feet firmly planted in the 21st century. Rooms are smart and...

58 rue Gioffredo

Le Safari

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

'Continual service throughout the afternoon' advertises the sign on the terrace at this justifiably popular brasserie. Located right in the heart of Vieux...

1 cours Saleya

Le Splendid


Now in its third generation of ownership by the same family, the Splendid may not be able to offer much in the way of architectural charm (at least, not...

50 boulevard Victor Hugo

Les Pêcheurs

Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés

You'll find all the usual Mediterranean seafood (sardines, octopus, sea bream) at this accomplished portside brasserie, but often with an Asian or Creole...

18 quai des Docks

Les Viviers

Restaurants & cafés

A bicameral affair (bistro on one side, fine dining on the other), Les Viviers is one of the premier addresses in town for top-notch seafood. On the...

22 rue Alphonse Karr

Luc Salsedo

Restaurants & cafés

Elegant wicker chairs and crisp white tablecloths lend just the right note of formality to this friendly neighbourhood bistro. Operating from a genteel...

14 rue Maccarani