Montparnasse and south Paris

Off the beaten tourist track, this multidisciplinary arts centre and cinema is known for its leftfield documentaries, shorts, gay repertoire and productions from developing nations.  Regular debates, poetry nights, concerts and a restaurant complete the programme.

The restaurant alone is worth the detour, and indeed most of the clientele seem to skip the avant-garde art and head straight for the shady garden. The menu offers a satisfying range of yuppie salads and classic meat dishes, all reasonably priced in the €15-18 range (the lunch menus throw in a starter or dessert for free). The mousse au chocolat (€7.50) is a must, though its size makes it about as hard to digest as some of the films shown inside. A juicy cocktail menu (€8), extensive wine list and elaborate Sunday brunch (€26 – book ahead) complete the picture. Make sure to sit outside if the weather allows it, as the indoor decor verges on the tacky side.

Venue name: L'Entrepôt
Address: 7-9 rue Francis-de-Pressensé

Transport: Métro Pernety
Price: €7; €4-€5.60 reductions; lunch menu €15; brunch €26; 3-course ave €30
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