Nuit Blanche festival 2012



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What's the 2012 festival all about?

The tenth anniversary of Nuit Blanche promises to be an absolutely stonking year for the festival. This year's Artistic Director is Laurent le Bon, whose day job is managing the Metz division of the Centre Pompidou in northeast France. As the festival get older, it's increasingly a challenge to create the right mix of innovation and celebration of the city every year. But Le Bon seems to have nailed it, creating a fluid line of events stretching along several kilometres of the curving length of the river Seine, from Ivry to Chaillot Hill, funnelling the audience through the moving heart of the capital.

It's the first time Parisians will be able to move from show to show without having to skip quartiers, reflecting the year's theme of 'Paris à l'Infini' or 'Infinite Paris' – in a self-reflective moment of cultural experience as performance, both the audience and the exhibits will be in perpetual movement. Paris itself is the canvas for the 100 or so artists participating this year – mostly Parisians, but hailing from all over the world – inviting the capital's habitual flâneurs to take their strolling up a notch.

The full programme of events is kept tightly under wraps until just a couple of weeks before the festival, but a few teasers are already in the public realm, as well as names like Tania Mouraud, Adalberto Mecarelli, Groupe F, Camille Henrot and Emma Dusong. Buildings, too, are already revealing that they will be opening up to Nuit Blanche – from the semi-circular auditorium of the National Assembly or the struts of the Alexandre III bridge to the Tokyo Palace and the François Mitterand Library.

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